System Overview

The main components of the Launch Control Systems are:
  • Master/Encoder Board (1 required)
  • Driver Board (per 16 pads)
  • Continuity/Display Board (per 16 pads)
  • Junction Boxes (flexible number of pads per layout)
  • Pad Boxes (one per pad)
  • Cabling (signal cables and power cords)
  • Batteries (main console and at each junction box)
The Master/Encoder board may be combined with one or more Driver boards and Continuity/Display boards within one large "main console".  Or, smaller boxes may be used to hold these components to allow for expansion and swapping.

A Driver board and a Continuity/Display board "stack" as one assembly to make it easier to etch smaller circuit boards instead of fabricating one large console board (as was necessary in the older LCS design).

The Junction boxes may be "daisy chained" to reduce cabling for range layouts with tiers of launch pads (modroc, mid-power, and high-power rows).

Signal cables to the junction boxes do not carry a significant amount of current, but should be 24 AWG or better for long drops (>50ft).  One conductor per pad is required, plus a return (ground wire).  Any rugged connector could be used, such as DB-25 computer type.

Power cords (orange extension cords) are suggested for the connection from the junction box to each pad box.  Low-cost AC receptacles may be used on the junction box, and short AC cord 'tails' may be used at each pad box.

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Updated 8/10/2002, John DeMar. (c)2002